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    I mentioned a few days ago that I would be getting a pre-. Well I did and I got it "activated". The problem is that my EV icon isn't showing up and on the setup screen I got a

    "Sign In Failed

    You need to be connected to your wireless service provider's network to sign in. When you are in a location with service, please try again."

    I called sprint and they said I should try doing a hard reset with the provided MSL code they gave me. When I did put in the code, I got an authorization failed. What I did before getting it activated though was I bypassed it and saw that there was still a number (602-502-4086) on it along with a sprint e-mail address. Does that mean that the previous owner didn't remove their Palm profile before selling their pre? Sprint was saying that on their side, my phone is activated and the ESN was good. If some one can help me out with this, I'd appreciate it.
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    When you were trying to sign in, were you in an area where the really was no Sprint Service? If that's the case, go to an area where you know you have a full signal and EV available, not 1x or the activation will take forever. I've had this problem at my house as I don't have EV there, just 1x. So I had to drive about a mile away and wait in a parking lot where I had EV for the profile to fully activate and then I went back home and signed into my WIFI and then did the whole Preware patch thing.

    Any help?
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    Yes,my house doe have ev and a good signal (its always 4 or 5 bars)
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    Solved. Turns out the previous owner didn't fully wipe their device.
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    Good job! Glad you got it working!
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