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    I am a smart phone newbie.... this is my first smart phone. I have linked the phone with my Yahoo account and want to access and sync with my online Yahoo calendar that I have created on my home page. When I open the calendar "preferences and Accounts" I see three accounts "Palm Profile' "facebook' and 'Yahoo!' When I look at default calendar I see 'Palm Profile' and 'Yahoo!' in small letters above. I can't make yahoo the default calendar. I get my email okay from yahoo. What am I doing wrong?
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    You're not doing anything wrong. It won't let me do it with Google.

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    What version of WebOS are you using? I have Google set as my primary calendar (as have many other users) -- something here doesn't sound right.

    Edit: from the post category, I'll assume 1.4.5
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    Have you tried tapping the "Default Calendar" block? See what that does.

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