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    I got this palm pre off ebay. I was wanting to play around with it. It is through Sprint but I don't have an account and can't get an account as I am 15. How do I get pass this screen. For some reason I can't get my phone in developer mode from the dialer and it won't go to usb (recovery) mode. I talked with HP support for about 30min-1hr and stil couldn't get it. The ESN is clean. Please. Can someone give me the easiest way to do this? I just want to be able to use the phone like apps and stuff! Thanks1
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    And btw can I download preware and get through the screen that way even though I can't get the phone into usb mode?
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    also can I do this over wifi cause i have access to wifi
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    start here:

    after bypassing activation, install preware and get the first use patch so you can use your palm profile to access the catalog.
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    I did that but I can't get it into usb mode to do this
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    you don't need to be in USB mode.

    also, are your volume buttons working?
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    how do I tell? I am pretty sure. i can hear it click when I press it. I mean recovery mode where it displays the usb symbol
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    Is there an easier way to this cause I don't want to download stuff on my comp if I don't have to. Is there something I can do on the phone instead?
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    This is the easy way.
    And no.

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