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    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum as well as new to the Palm Pre. I'm coming from the Android community. Iím having a little difficulty rooting my device as all tutorials and such that Iíve seen are outdated. Could someone help me out with a link or something? That would be great. Iím currently on Palm webOS 1.4.5. Thank you in advance.
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    No rooting is needed for webOS devices. To start using Homebrew apps and patches, you just should install Preware using webOS Quick Install. To find where to download webOS Quick Install just google webOS Quick Install.
    good luck and welcome to webOS.
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    Oh wow, that easy. Thank you for everything.
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    Welcome to PreCentral

    You should also be sure to check out this forum: webOS tips, information, and resources

    You will find a lot of helpful threads explaining things for you like this one:
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    Thank you very much. These links will help me very much.
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    I agree with HelloNNNewman. What he suggested was really very nice and definitely it will be useful to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SvenHerrera View Post
    Oh wow, that easy. Thank you for everything.
    Why make it hard, when you don't have to!


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