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    It was a very easy swap I thought. Only issue I had was my pre 2 once I had the volume rocker situated, it wanted to pop outwards slightly. So I just put a dab of super glue on it so it would hold it down. All good now. Loving it so far!
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    Yeah, I did it a couple weeks back. Gotta say, I'm loving it. Only issues are with patches that aren't quite working as I expected them or tweaks not treating them right. And, in one or two cases, non-existent patches.

    But that's okay. I'd say I'm 98% happy with it and, therefore, significantly more happy than I would have been buying a different phone altogether.
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    i wanted to do it too, but just will not commit the time and, if necessary, where would I get help quickly as this is my daily driver?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aitikin View Post
    Hey all, I'm on a Palm Pre (-) right now and I'm debating three things right now. I have my Pre, and am okay with it, but I would like something a littler newer. I'll probably have a few bucks laying around soon (just got a promotion, so that means more money), and was thinking about picking up a Pre 2 to FrankenPre over to Sprint.

    I also managed to pick up a TouchPad after the posting about dailysteals and figure that the Pre2 will probably play a little nicer with it, so I figured that's one reason to do it.

    Another option is obviously metadoctoring my Pre up to webOS 2, but at this point in time I'm not 100% on the merits of that (going to do the research shortly, but that's for another day).

    Final option is maintaining my Pre as is. I'm fairly content with it and will stick to webOS until I cannot.

    I guess the nerd in me has another curiosity. Is it possible to frankenpre a Pre3? I figure it probably isn't, but if so, that'd be pretty sweet too, and preferable over a FrankenPre 2, but I'm sure that'd take more work.
    If you are on sprint and are not interested in moving off of sprint then frankenPre is the best webOS experience possible. Let me know if you have any questions...
    Patches Added to Preware: Fixed Keyboard Brightness 25, Fixed Keyboard Brightness 50, & Fixed Keyboard Brightness 100.
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    I did our three a few weeks ago and after the first one (the slide/push the comms slice up into the top part of the case takes a "see one (check youtube) - do one - teach one" attitude to master) took about an hour - I finished the others in about 15 minutes each (be careful with the volume rocker ribbon/sticky tape). The Pre2s work great and seem to be much more reliable than our beaten up - chunks falling off - spider cracked - dead battery - almost ready to oreo Pres If you are stuck on the "making the doctor" part, I can it for ya (DO NOT post a dr in here) just PM me. You just run the jar file (the one the directions told you how to create in Linux - Thank YOU WebOSInternals and everyone else that was involved in making this possible) in windows and it works fine. All the Sprint apps (sans the PRL updater) are available and work fine and peeps are continuing to work on making 1.x patches work for 2.x (updates are continuing to pop up in Preware from time to time). I haven't been able to install sconix's "Advanced XXX" patches yet (the recover installed all my old patches first and I'm guessin that you have to install sconix's first before anything else). The Pre2s don't need overclocking and the keyboard and glass screen are a great improvements. I can only imagine how much better a Pre3 is <sniff, sniff>!

    PS. I think changing what we have been calling "swap the comms board" to "swap the middle slice of the phone (which includes the comms board)" would give people a better understanding about the process before they have attempted one.

    All three of our new PRE2s are awesome (got them on ebay for $100 each) and it was well worth the price, time and not having to switch to having a little robot control my life. I much PREfer a little penguin!
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    I am thinking about doing this too. My main phone now on my Sprint plan is a 2-3 year old Palm Centro. (Not sure what upgrade route I want to go yet and would like to see what happens with Ice Cream Sandwich on Android first.) Having a 32GB Touchpad now since September, I am really liking WebOS and a Frankenpre2 would hold me over for a year or two while things shake out.

    One question beyond what has been discussed here so far...would the FP2 need its own webOS account or would it share the one I have for the Touchpad?
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