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    Just wanted to say I am actually quite happy with my Verizon Palm Pre Plus. I purchased my Pre Plus September 2010 after using a Palm Centro since 2007. I, like others, had no idea the course Palm/HP would take with webOS. I considered getting an iPhone or Android, but I think I going to stick with my Pre a little bit longer. The Pre Plus is actually a pretty damn good phone. I recently got into Preware and loaded a theme and several patches and Homebrew apps. Basically, I got my Pre Plus pretty much set to my liking and getting more and more productive. Believe it or not, my kids like playing games more on my Pre Plus than their iTouch! But the one thing that really got me sticking with the Pre Plus is the Touchstone chargers. The Touchstone is pretty damn cool. But, with Verizon offering the Touchstone for $5 (original price of $50) and the travel charger for $5 (original price of $30) and now have three Touchstone charging stations (1 at work and 2 at home). I am actually going to buy 3 or 4 more Touchstones for home, so no matter which room I am in, I can always be charging my Pre Plus (as everyone know, the battery life is not that get). I am constantly listening to TuneIn or Stitcher, so it pays to have the Touchstones. And the price you cannot beat.

    So, yes, the Pre is all but dead, but at least for those like myself, it is still a good phone which it's accessories are at a huge discount.

    I will say, whenever someone sees my Touchstone charger, they all say how cool it is. Seems like something Apple would have created.

    I think I will just wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note (what the next generation of Palm should have been)!

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    I'm with you. Still love my Pre Plus enough to hang on rather than defect to one of the lesser OSes. Homebrew makes it fun to customize to my liking and keeps things interesting and somewhat fresh. The Touchpad came along in time to satisfy my longing for something new to mess around with. Really would love to upgrade the phone to a Pre3 but realize it's not going to be an option for the foreseeable future. Hoping that HP will come around and get back in the hardware biz or that Samsung, HTC or the like will want to expand their horizons to include webOS.

    I similarly love the convenience of the Touchstone chargers and have one at work, one at home and one in the car. Also have one for the Touchpad which was a no-brainer at discount price.

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