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    I have read through all the forum pages on bricked pre, pre doesn't boot, stuck in bootloop. I understand the basic process to recovery. My problem is NOVATERM stops working immediately after I type it in command. The uImage file changes my pre from USB mode to solid pre but that is the end of my success. I know my device is a bit old but I love it. I have downloaded Virtual Box, SDK/PDK, WebOS Doc, OMPA. I have extracted the Uimage and novaterm to SDK folder then cd'd the SDK path. WebOS doctor stops at 4% kicking the phone back to PALM logo.

    I may be suffering from information overload. I installed linux onto my pc, forgetting to unplug my palm. After the Ubuntu install the Palm Pre just stays on logo. Only sym,r,orange will power it on. I can get to the USB screen with volume up. Can someone tell me how to rebuild the pre? I no longer have insurance on the device.

    I have Windows 7 machine, a Windows XP machine, & an Ubuntu Machine.

    Sorry to start a new thread but the last one is April/2011.
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    Did you try membooting it? Might help..
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    Close the VM and memboot/doctor in Windows. I had similar issues when trying to memboot or doctor with the VM active and USB passthrough to the VM enabled.

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