My question is pretty simple. I've owned palm powered devices for over 15 years and loved my palms.. now I've moved to the palm pre+ on ATT and when I go to delete an event that is repeating, I want to delete only future events and not the past events as I keep the previous events as a reminder when those events occurred. However the pre will not let me keep those events in the past and I would LOVE to find out how to delete the events in the future and not in the past.

Let me try to clarify if its not clear enough.

I set an appointment for a doctor on every Tuesday from October 15 - November 31. The appointment gets canceled on the November 19th and all subsequent appointments. When I go to delete the event, and choose delete the entire series, the one on the 15th up to the 15th of November gets deleted as well. In order to keep the record of the appointment, I have to go back and re-enter the event and choose it as non repeating. This isn't an issue for an appointment that has only occurred once or twice, but if it's occurred for several months it takes a little bit more time and I don't want to have to go back and find out when the event started occurring to re-enter the event.

Anyone know how to fix this? This really is bugging me as I have had lots of appointments for my children being questioned and I no longer have records of when those appointments occurred since the entire event was deleted past and future.