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    ok, I HATE to do it but it is time... I held off for over a year on my upgrade waiting for a better sprint webOS phone and since it isn't coming it have decided to use the upgrade (though ANYTHING else is a downgrade) and have ordered a Motorola Admiral.
    My question is: How can I keep my Pre- usable as a wifi only device so that it isn't stuck to a sprint account? Because as soon as I activate my new phone I am sure that my pre will get booted and go "unusable". How can I still use it as a wifi only device and still have access to my palm profile?
    thanks in advance for the AWESOME help from this community, which if I can do this I will still be a part of!
    a reluctant, but product of HP's incredibly STUPID decision to drop webOS - idiots!!!
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    I think it'll stay like that, until you maybe do a hard reset. Then you'll have to sign in to your Palm Profile, and from my experience, you'll have to be on the Sprint network to do so.

    I think there's a homebrew patch to get around that, but I never bothered with it.
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    I recently downgraded to a galaxy s2 due to hardware failure (can't believe how expensive a new sprint pre- is on ebay!). Old pre, which works besides having a hair-trigger power button, continues to function just fine as a Wifi only device. I never dug too deep into profiles and such, but I've had no issues using basic apps. Regular booting is fine, phone just displays as being offline even when not officially in Airplane Mode.

    Now if you try to wipe the phone, doctor it, or dig into certain profiles/apps (sprint, palm) there may be an issue. But as a browser, email, gaming, music device you'll be just fine.

    And have fun with android. I can't believe how many things the pre could do that android cannot or does worse, especially after reading WebOS/pre bashing from other forums. Looking forward to switching back, even if it's a pre3 on at&t in 2 years.

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