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    The other day I did the Franken Pre procedure to a verizon Pre 2 with my Sprint Pre-. I decided to put the Verizon comm board into my old Pre- and sure enough it will start up and work on Wifi. The problem is though, the battery will not take a charge. I look in Govnah and the current draw is around -238ma, and when I plug in the charger it gives it some power, but the draw is still around -68ma. I saw a post that said to try using WebOS QuickInstall and reinstalling the novacom. I did that and it didn't help. I have tried different chargers and different batteries.

    Any ideas why the phone won't charge with the Verizon comm board in it?
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    I have this exact problem, searching for solution now... like the new franken pre. There is a webos sprint patch for wifi only pre... might have to try that. Heard that through the grape vine so ymmv.
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    Are all the tokens right or w.e?
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    Well, i didn't use a meta-doctor on the phone. I just put the comm board in and it starts up and uses wifi so I didn't think there would be anything else I needed to do since I can't use this phone to connect to a cell network.

    Are you saying I need to meta-doctor and then the problem should be fixed?

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