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    Hi all,
    I innocently started to configure my "old" Pre for my daughter, who has a "kid" postpay phone plan barring data use ("barring" is same as saying 10 dollars/Mbyte). It is on Orange switzerland, the pre worked well on my account (same network) but without paid app access (which is normal for switzerland).
    I do not want the unlimited everything the phone company is proposing for youngsters (it is more expensive and there is no parental control possible on the internet use).
    So I have activated the phone, creating her palm account, using my own sim (with a data plan), switched off data in the phone app, and setup wifi. Then put back her sim card into the pre.
    It appears now that even on wifi (airplane on, then wifi on) there is no access to web or the app catalog. A bit of a nuisance! Seeing the other posts on the same subject, it does not seem normal.
    But, will she able able to use contacts, memos, etc? It seems that even these apps cannot pass through wifi, and even won't work offline at all?
    How about adding new items, will they have to be on the palm account?

    Thanks for any info!
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    I can't tell you for sure what the problem is, but seeing the lack of replies makes me want to take a swing at this. I'm thinking it might be because her SIM isn't provisioned with data access. Maybe the App Catalog (and the carrier too?) somehow require that to permit access to anything data intensive. Like I said, I'm really not sure.

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