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    After many years with Palm (Pilots, PDA's, Samsung i500, 300P, Pre) I finally gave up as I'm committed to Sprint through work. So I have about four Touchstones, a near-launch Pre that has never been replaced and has done yeoman's work. At some point in the next few weeks I'm going to wipe this thing and offer it up for sale, but I need to know how to clean it out totally. In fact, this phone has gone through lots but looks almost new and has never even been doctored, so I've never done that before. I know the doctor doesn't remove your personal items. What's the best procedure for getting back to a clean state? I've already transferred the ESN. Appreciate any help....
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    Personally, I would do the secure erase then doctor it.
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    Have you decided what you're gonna do with it? I am using my Pre as a wireless media device a home right now and it's still a capable device. In fact I find myself reaching for it sometimes because it has a touchstone and the phone I am trying out right now doesn't. lol
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    I gave my pre to my daughter when I moved to the iPhone 4S. Wiped and it's all nice and fresh for her to use.
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    Do a "Secure Full Erase". It takes a while, but that seems to be the best way of cleansing it.

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