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    Hi, people!
    Please help with my pre o2. model 100ueu
    Not working wifi, still spining wifi ring in popup menu.

    What I do:
    Doctoring, doctoring and doctoring by 1.4.5(bypassed) and 1.3.5(not bypassed)
    install SDLTerminal and
    #lsmod | grep sd
    sd8xxx 287016 0
    ...module not in use
    must be in use (verify on next pre)
    rmmod ...this
    turne on wifi, verify
    #lsmod | grep sd
    must be auto loaded sd8xxx (verify on next pre)
    #modprobe sd8xxx
    sd8xxx 287016 0
    must be 1 for use module.

    Need guru help
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    at working pre I am ascertain that wifi work on mmc protocol:
    #dmesg | grep mmc
    [8557,980000] mmc1: ne SDIO card at address 0001: Marvell 802.11 SDIO ID: 0B
    but at Palm Pre with problem
    [10867,690000] mmc1: error -110 whilst initialising SDIO card
    wifi dont initialize...anything wrong with that.

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