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    Ah. Ok no impostah workaround? I tried entering appids to allow me to install but no luck.

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    Depends on your point of view, take your pre2 as a pre2 with the pre2 comm board. Not frankened, as long as the device shows up to palm as a pre2. You can download your apps you paid for. Now once you validate your pre2 will show up as a real pre2. Impastah can help when you franken it... (research-overrides)
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    In impostah i see in device profile overrides if you go to device model it says P102UNA. I assume that's the pre minus model? Can you change that to trick it to think its really a pre2? My palm profile says sprint 2.1.0, but just wanna trick it to think its really a pre2, but not cause any other issues by doing so? Thanks!

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    Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but if you already paid for AB Rio you can get it on a Pre+/- using App Tuckerbox. I did and it works like a charm!

    I see why Rovio didn't support 1.4.5 devices though... My phone lags quite badly if i play too long in some of the newer levels (carnival upheaval especially).
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    I have a frankenpre 2 and used apptucker to install rio and seasons again. Works great on the pre 2, dont see why they dont allow the feed. I seen them run slower on lowend android phones than 1.4.5 probably does.
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