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    Ok this is just ridonculous...I have the standard Palm Pre Plus battery...I have relatively few complaints about the phone...however, as soon as I start-up Pandora (on a fully charged battery), the phone lasts for up to 1/2 hour and then dies...should I be buying that Seidell battery everyone is talking about, will that make a difference in airtime (Pandora) or can you suggest anything else (that will make sense)? there's got to be a way to be able to listen to Pandora on the phone for more than 1/2 hour...C'mon Man! PALM PRE CELL MANUFACTURER: I HOPE YOU ARE READING THESE FORUMS, TOO MANY PEOPLE HATE YOUR BATTERY!
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    I don't know about any special batteries, but there are a couple things you could try:

    -Use wifi instead of the data connection if at all possible. That will save you a little power.

    -If you don't already have one, I highly recommend getting a Touchstone. Plop the phone on it every chance you get while you're listening, and you'll get more mileage. I know you could just plug the phone in, but there's just something about having the TS. If I set my phone down for even a little bit, half the time it's on a TS.

    It's just a fact with the Pres--they devour power.
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    Also curious how old your battery is.

    I drain my battery once per day and find that at that cycle rate, after about a year it only lasts about half as long and quickly gets very bad.

    You can get a replacement for ~$3 on Amazon. Makes a huge difference. Though I think some of the ones for sale now are getting a little stale (don't seem to hold as much juice right off the bat as they used to), it can still make a big diff if that's your problem.
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    Thanks for the replies! my problem is mostly when I'm away from the charging unit...I'll try using the WiFi and see if that makes a difference...but there seems to be a better battery for the Palm Pre than its standard one and its the Innocell 1350mAh Slim Extended Life Battery...I read this on another blog! anyone know about this?
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    Your battery is definitely getting stale. A Pre should be able to run about 4 hours when fully charged on a standard battery. A little longer if using WiFi (as that uses less power then the cellular radio). Replacement OEM batteries are cheap now, so buy a couple and you should be set for awhile.
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    get Dr. Battery and do a calibration... you'll probably find your battery health is down to less than 50%. that's where my original Pre+ battery got. I picked up a couple of $3 batteries off Amazon, and all has been well (though my Pre+ has now been retired for a Pre3, not sure what I'll do if it ever needs a new battery)

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