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    As I tell my daughter (2 years old), I have to do surgery on my phone again to fix it haha. What have you done to hold onto/fix your Pre?

    -earpiece fixed with pencil lead per a post I read here
    -power button rigged to work again
    -dusted out volume buttons to prevent random ups/downs
    -superglued back in usb cover area by case so the plug didn't fall out
    -used touchup paint to cover dings & cover the usb crack to prevent more cracking
    -modified seidio extended back to have touchstone so I could bare bad overcocking & push emails draining rapidly
    -installed 2.1.0 to feel newer on sprint pre

    More as I think of them...

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    ive done 4 frankenpre2's, replaced two blown speakers, repaired a busted slider, and replaced a busted headset jack.

    while the phones are a little tricky to open up, they are actually pretty seviceable.
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    I replaced the intermittent modem ribbon cable on my pre+. Finally have good 3g now. Installed 2.1, flash, and cllassic rom.

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