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    I have searched the forum and elsewhere for a solution with no success. I replaced my dead Pre with a used Bell phone from factorydirect. The phone looked like new out of the box. Anyway, I entered my original Palm info and tried to login. "Sign-in failed" So I tried creating a new profile. "Sign-in failed" So I used the Palm profile manager and remotely erased the phone last night. Still no luck this am. Last night I also used the HP WebOS Doctor for the Bell Palm Pre and did the update. I have 5 bars, and the "EV" and "1x" icons light when it's trying to login. I can ## and make phone calls. I just can't get through the profile BS. Bell said when I reactivated the phone that profiles are Palm business, they have nothing to do with them. So, how do solve this? Do I call Palm? Does someone have a number I can call? Extremely frustrated.
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    I actually had the same issue a few weeks back with a warranty replacement, and through HP support was able to get it working again. Call Bell Mobility, and get them to transfer you directly to HP(Palm) Support. Then what they did for me, was set up an alternate account, which I had to log in to, then once I was in, I had to do a secure full erase. I think I also had to change my Palm Profile password. Once that was done, they had me re-enter my old(normal) palm profile and then I was in. It took about an hour of messing around, but eventually, I got it to work.
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    Do you remember the name of the agent you spoke with? I just finished with a lady who had no idea how to help me and did not seem the slightest bit interested in the solution you provided. I called back a couple of times but she seems to be the only agent on duty. Her "solution" was to keep trying and call back tomorrow.
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    No I don't remember who I spoke with, it was probably close to 3 weeks ago. I was in the process of activating my new phone with the warranty people, we couldn't get it to work, so I was transfered directly over to an HP agent. I would try calling them back and ask them again to connect you directly to HP.
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    The lasy I spoke with was a HP/Palm technical support rep for Bell customers. She really was incredibly dismissive of my concerns and information. I also chatted with a Bell rep later who simply repeated the steps others have directed me to perform here and elsewhere, with no success. He then suggested it was a connectivity issue, that I should try again in an area with better signal. Which I did, with no success (I just got a sign-in error much faster, brilliant). He ultimately gave up and told me there must be something wrong with my phone and I need to go to a Bell store. I will try that in the morning.

    This is ridiculous.
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    I didn't go to a Bell store (that would have been ridiculous). I was working night shift last night, so at 3am I chatted with a Palm rep who went through alot of the same old same old. Anyway, at the end of it she said she would escalate it to a product specialist team (?). She got all my contact info, all the phone here I wait, and wait, and wait....
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    Received call from Palm support. They had me reset the phone, and they "unlocked" my profile. Done. That was not an impressive performance on their part. It sounds like all that had to be done was a couple of keystrokes on their part.
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    Glad you got it worked out. For the most part they (Bell, HP) are pretty useless imo.

    The old "Try removing your battery, try holding power and flip the ringer switch 3 times..." gets old after a few years.

    I think it just goes to show you that companies like these are willing to hire just about anybody, with zero skills, just to save a few bucks. You or I could do their job, just as poorly, or better. There's not much required to read a script over and over and over, and if you can't figure it out by reading it, then you can always "escalate" it

    I just cut them off and tell them to escalate my case right away. They try to do the same old, same old, but be persistant, and tell them that you are an extremely experienced user. That usually cuts out the 45 minutes of taking your battery out and resetting your phone.
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