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    After having a Pre- since the day it came out I finally gave up on HP (not Palm, this was out of their hands) and went and got an EVO 3D. While Android has many more features none of feels as good as WebOS. The notifications are nice but I miss being able to swipe them away from the bottom. I miss how easy it was to multitask and not have to open and close things just to read a text.

    I hope WebOS comes back one day because these past three weeks have felt like I'm missing something.

    I miss WebOS...
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    I've been to the Sprint store in my area looking for a phone (and toplay with an iPhone.....tempting) and they all don't compare to my old underpowered app-less Pre. HP has missed out on delivering WebOS to the masses. The loyal and enthusiactic followers of WebOS would have helped still tons of devices.....only if they were released to every carrier. I know I'm going to have to change to another platform sooner or later and I'm already missing WebOS.
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    Chances are you will get used to the Android interface. And just think about all those great apps you will now have access too. Surely the range of functionality and power hardware will mitigate the lack of the WebOS?

    But you're not alone in trying to wage that decision.

    I recently got some money to buy a new cell for my birthday. After some agonizing over going Droid or Windows, I decided to upgrade to an unlocked Pre2 (from Pre+) and see if I can get a little farther with the platform. Just can't quite swallow Android fugliness yet..
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    I will not give in! I have a spare Pre + and a new Pre 2 standing buy to replace my day one Verizon Pre + should it kick the bucket. I will give up on webOS when they pry my Pre from my cold dead Palm.
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    I have a spare pre2 just sitting there just in case something happens to the one I use now.

    Quote Originally Posted by JED-WEB-OS View Post
    I will not give in! I have a spare Pre + and a new Pre 2 standing buy to replace my day one Verizon Pre + should it kick the bucket. I will give up on webOS when they pry my Pre from my cold dead Palm.
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    I left my launch day iPhone 4 for a Pre Plus on November 3rd of last year (I'll never forget it). Today's the day I get my Pre3. You should really consider a Frankenpre 2. Everyone who's done it is very happy with it.
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    I was due an upgrade so went with android,I also still have my 3 month old unlocked pre 2,so I now get all the apps and keep webOS.I must say android notifications suck big time in comparison.However it's not as bad as some on here make out.

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    My son had gotten into "refurb hell" with his Sprint Pre last July and with no webOS phones on the horizon with Sprint decided to go with the EVO HD. Now that I had a chance to actually spend some time with Android and a HTC device I could decide to stay with my 2 year old Pre or upgrade to a newer device with Sprint. Yes the EVO HD is a nice phone and Android has many more apps than webOS but the OS just does not flow like webOS and the EVO HD is too big of a phone for my own personal preference and also, I am not much of an app person so I don't care about apps that much. WebOS has all of the functional apps that I need for a phone.

    And then it happened, the prices began to drop on the at&t Pre 3 and I pulled the trigger and purchased a Pre 3. Wow, what a sweet phone, no regrets, none what so ever and surprising at&t where I live is really fast (faux G) and with the 2GB plan (not once had I ever come close using 2GB on sprint in 2 Years) it is only 5 more bucks a month than Sprint. I liked the Pre 3 so much that I bought another one on ebay for a backup (only $180 shipped), so now I am happy to say that I will be able to stay in webOS bliss with a fast, solid built phone with a beautifully designed real keyboard. Even though the Pre 3 has a larger screen it is still a compact phone that fits nicely in my pocket.

    My advice to anyone that loves webOS to give the Pre 3 a try, you can go month to month on at&t and if you are not happy you can switch to any carrier and sell your Pre 3 for very little loss if any.

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