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    When I connecting my pre to home wifi network everything is ok. (connecting network, give password, connect and its ready)

    But in my school is public network:
    1. I have to connect (ACI, pass: ab12345678),
    2. Then open browser and go to any page, then i'm redirected to local server page and i have to give students surname and password, accept certificates and i'm now connected (nevermind pc, netbook, phone...)

    Unfortunately on pre step 2. doesn't work... I open browser and nothing happens...,
    on my second phone (WM 6.5) and laptop its working, so why on pre not?

    Please help me...
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    You will probably need to transfer or copy the certificate(s) from your laptop to the pre using USB data transfer then use the certificate manager on your pre to install the certificate. I've had to do this before on secured networks. You can find step by step instructions in the pre manual (which should be available online).

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