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    Hey guys after I installed the new Bing maps on my Sprint pre - I was looking around the phone as I usually do when I'm bored and I hit he update box by accident and low and behold it said there was an OS update .. it still said 1.4.5 but it was a small update 2 mb to be exact... I still havent installed it but it keeps prompting me to... anyone else have an update pending or has anyone else checked the update app lately?... I thought we were getting 2.x or something till I looked closely and it just said update available 1.4.5 2 mb ..but I already had 1.4.5 so just wondering if anyone else got the update?
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    All I got was application updates in my queue. Nothing for the OS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jp99 View Post
    All I got was application updates in my queue. Nothing for the OS.
    Same here.....
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    i got it too and it took bing maps app away.
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    I had installed Bing Maps and I didn't like it, so I did a full erase on my phone and updated. The update cleared Bing Maps & brought back Google Maps.
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    No OS update for me, only apps.
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