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    I just tried to update my theme using QI and it doesn't seem to want to acknowledge the device when I plug it in. Since my old office computer was carted away and replaced with a new more up-to-day mini desktop model yesterday including a new operating system, am I seriously looking at needing to have to start all over from the beginning with all the downloads in order to bring my new system up to date and so I can use QI to do the necessary on my VWZ Pre Plus phone. It recognizes the phone is connected when in USB Mode but not when in Charge Mode. I haven't had to do much since I got it all tweaked to my liking. It's only when I have to remove and reload the theme (and yes, I know I can load it from Preware but the orginal theme creater made me some special boots screens for the holidays that I can only upload using QI) and the boot screen file that I find myself needing to use the computer. Argh, my head hurts to think about it. Can any of my friends here on PC render aid and comfort?

    Thanks in advance. <sniffle>
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    This happens to me when I have not used QI in a long time, I forget to have my webOS device in developer mode.
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    and get the "universal novacom installer" app to run on your PC before plugging in the phone.

    and to review:

    phone in charge mode, not usb mode
    phone in developer mode (type webos20090606)
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    Neither of the above were my exact problem but a quick review and some updated software and it seems I am again able to use QI as intended. Just the usual "updates" required when a new computer comes onto the scene.

    Thanks all!

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