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    Hey. I have had a palm pre for about 2 years now. I have had it break twice and the speaker on replacement phones breaks within a few weeks it seems. The battery life is an issue, but not one I can't work around.

    I found it was a tremendous pain to set up my mail, but I got it worked out. I wanted instant messaging for facebook and MSN, but the app stopped working. The facebook app can't even load pictures.

    As for the hardware itself, it drops calls in my basement- no other cell phones do this. It struggles to maintain a functional internet connection, either by wifi or cell tower. It's processing speed is exceedingly slow compared to all other phones I've seen.

    I have all the software updates, what can be done about this useless phone? Is there something I can do with it?
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    hard to tell with the info you have provided.

    when wa the last time you doctored it? And what patches are you using?
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    sell it
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    I am not running any mods or themes on it. It's all the base hardware and some apps from the app catalog.

    I used to have to do battery pulls back when my first pre would freeze for no reason all the time. I haven't had to do that on the 2nd, or even the 3rd.

    I can't imagine why all three pre's I've had can't do phone calls in the basement, whereas even cheap phones can. Is it a known issue for the pre to have crappy reception?

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