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    About a year and ahalf ago maybe longer I got my first webos device, pixi+, it was ok and it was my first smartphone. I found this forum by trying to figure out if I could OC or install VKB. I was amazed to find out all the things available. After patching away and really understanding the power of webos, not to mention reaching the limitations of the pixi, I got a pre+, used, loved it and 1.4.5, blazing fast, tons of space, doctored to 2.1, liked it but it seemed a lil glitchy after that. I didn't mind the glitches here and there and decided to stay there a while. I am generally really careful with my phones and they never really get abused, my wife on the other hand, also had a pixi+, broke her screen, gave her my pixi+, somehow broke her keyboard, now she has captivate. I combined the two pixi and made a replacement, because I knew it wouldn't be long before it was gone too, lol.

    About a month ago, my volume up key on the pre+ stopped working, which was strange because, it really never gets used. I didn't mind to much because of patches and what not. I also noticed that occasionally my ringer wud be low and speakerphone wud be low.

    Also when plugged in usb it would sometimes go into Dev mode, big USB, by itself. Last week, I doctred back to 1.4.5, just for fun, and within an hour volume bar began coming up on screen by itself and turning itself down, I cud open sound settings turn it back up and it wud go back down, sometimes shortly after and most times immediately.

    Researching forums said software, hardware, patches, updates, were to blame, but within one day, it became completly useless. I tried every fix mentioned here and other sites, it is now a paper weight. Back to pixi... Since there is no warranty, no return, no upgrade available, I was wondering if it was possible to replace the volume rocker switch myself, using broken pixi, or get the part and replace it. Any advice...

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    ok, so my last post was a little long winded, sorry, but could someone please give some advice...
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