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Porting Opentyrian for 2P & 3P - webOS Nation Forums
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    thanks to opentyrian - open-source port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian, i have ported Opentyrian to 2p & 3p ,running smoothly with audio and joysticks disabled.

    That audio system in the game slow down the game notably make me have no choice but comment function init_audio() out, so it is a silence battle.

    Do anyone have idea how to optimize the SDL_audio system? And someone adviced me to use the openAL instead of SDL_audio...But i have no idea how and what to do.

    the gravity sensors seem to be too insensitivity and inversed, so i also disable the joysticks.

    there are two way to play game:
    1) keyboard works well but u should custom the key in the menu, and where is the ESC?
    2) mouse is simulated by touch the screen , since my 3p's touch screen is broken, so i only heart from my friend that the mouse works pretty good with just a liitle inconvenience

    support 2p & 3p & p3 from 1.4.5 to 2.2.0

    due to the attenchment size limit, i add a postfix .patch to .ipk, you must remove the postfix .patch before install

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