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    Is there a Chinese dictionary for webos like Pleco? ( - former PalmOS app, now available for IPhone)
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    i think u should goto chinese communication bbs s for such a app.
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    You may use HoshiDict (beta) from Preware and then copy StarDict dictionaries into HoshiDict folder in USB mode.
    Pleco 2.04 for Palm OS still works under webOS 2.2.4 + Classic + some libraries from webOS 1.4.5/2.01
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    I found some free/public domain Chinese - and LOTS of other dictionaries - at the Linux pkg site pkgs<dot>org. Remember to decompress/extract/'unzip' the initial downloaded .rpm files until you get to the actual uncompressed dictionary file (.dict).

    For e.g., if you downloaded the Periodic Table elements file,, then you'll have to:
    • extract that .rpm file
    • extract the resulting .cpio file
    • go down through the resulting folders (usr\share\stardict\dic)
    • in that last dic folder, extract the .dz file to get the .dict dictionary
    • the .dz file is no longer needed; delete it and copy the remaining three files to the HoshiDict folder on the phone/tablet

    IIRC, they can all be in the same folder, but arranging them in sub folders by language or dB contents is always better for management purposes.
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