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    I just purchased a Pre Plus and am waiting for it to arrive. I'm having a hard time finding anything I like in the way of a case when I search for the plus, but there are a lot of pre & pre 2 cases out there that I like. I wondered if either of those are compatible with the pre plus? the pre plus & the pre 2 look almost identical to me but since I'm going on pictures I don't trust my judgement alone. Some of the items i've seen on ebay are listed as "pre plus 2" accessories, but the seller has yet to respond to my inquiry.
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    most of them will be compatible, not so sure about the pre2 but the ones that fit the original pre should fit the plus without an issue.

    I really recommend you to look for cases that don't attach to the phone itself, they tend to break loose, I have a gtr case in my plus and it is fantastic, not only it attaches to itself but sine it has rails it protects your phone from developing the oreo effect, I really really recommend you to get them.

    another thing is that the screen scratches easily since it is made of plastic, if your phone is not already scratched you can get some elcheapo screen protectors from ebay and you will be fine, but if it already has scratches on it protectors such as the ones made by skinomi will mask them perfectly and offer superb protection (similar protectors can be recognized by the self healing claims)

    finally, if you don't want the usb door to break (it will, trust me) get a touchstone charger, not only they can be bought for cheap but they are also as cool as icecream, be sure to get a touchstone ckmpatible case (again, look for the grt cases)

    good luck!
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    check the front page of

    they have been blowing out accessories lately, including today with a $2.95 case.

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