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    My Verizon Pre Plus' hot spot stopped working the other day. The phone says its "on" and whatever device I have connected shows up but it will not tether. Did verizon do away with it (for free)?? I did download "freetether" so I guess it doesn't matter but I was just wondering if others have had the same experience.
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    Mine does that a lot. Try renaming the network:

    -Open MHS
    -Under "Network Info", tap the name of the network.
    -A dialog box will come up. Enter a new name & tap "Done".
    -Turn on the hotspot and connect. (remember, if you had it set to auto connect or had a password, you'll have to manually connect to the new network &/or input the password again.)

    Anytime I find my connection is ultra slow or I have significant connection problems, this usually fixes it.

    P.S. Sometimes tethering two computers with two different versions of Windows (i.e. XP and Vista) can cause connection issues. I don't know why, but it seems to happen.
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    No problems with mine here - just tested with XP laptop and downloaded latest version of CCleaner using hotspot.

    I have never seen the xp/vista/win7 issue mentioned either but I rarely have more than one OS connected at a time - it's rare for me to have more than one machine connected at a time.
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    I've been using mine often this week with no interruptions. I've not installed freetether yet (may need to if I ever have to get a new device and lose the free hotspot.
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    Thank you so much Katefields.... it totally worked when I renamed the network! Using it right now
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    I had the exact same issue, at about the exact same time. I have a Verizon Pre+, I use my free mobile hotspot all the time for my touchpad. Since I was thinking about getting a Pre2 I downloaded freetether a week or two ago, to see if it worked. Lo and behold my Verizon hotspot stopped working but freetether works just fine. I just assumed that freetether somehow broke the Verizon hotspot, but I didn't much care as freetether is working just fine.
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    Sorry to hop on here, but Verizon started charging us for our hotspot last month with no apparent notice. Is everyone else still getting a free hotspot with their Palms?

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