I use free tether some times @ home when my cable goes out or if I am over @ at friends that lives pretty close to me. Every time I use it, it just drags ***. I can some times get maybe, if I am lucky 1.12mb connection but 99% of the time, its just .12 - which is just plain pathetic. I am in a good service area and nothing abnormal around me. I did live at the opposite end of the road I am on, which is about 1 mile - 1/2 mile and now Im on the opposite end, service is bad. Cell service seems to be ok, just data.... no dropped calls etc.
When I tether, it drops the ip and says null alot as well.

I did notice I do a speed test, I have always gotten an Illinois IP address, even though I am located in CENTRAL KY. Not sure if this would affect my speeds any, but am curious as to why I get an IL ip address.

Hope this made some sense.... but any ideas ?