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    I skipped the intro because i couldnt log into a account because there was no signal i currently have a pre 2 and want to know if it has no signal because the pre 2 is my main phone or what i already bypassed the login but i can do a full erase and try again
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$'$ll$ $have$ $to$ $doctor$ $your$ $Pre$+ $with$ $the$ &$quot$;--$wifi$ $only$&$quot$; $option$ $in$ $order$ $to$ $bypass$ $activation$ $and$ $get$ $the$ $app$ $catalog$ $to$ $work$ $over$ $wifi$.
    "just like your rims still spin even after your car stops/ then where will you spend eternity after your heart stops huh?"

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