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    So a lot of people I see have trouble with the power button.

    This usually happens when you drop it, or push the button too hard.
    This occurs because of the metal piece under the plastic button which gets bent when dropped or pushed in.

    FIX: A quick way to fix this is to pop off the back cover, and then use your fingernail or something to pop out the button. (Dont worry this wont hurt it) You will see a little golden metal piece under.

    Reach some tweezers in there and gently pull the metal piece back out. It shouldnt take much, just keep trying until the button works. You should easily be able to pop the plastic piece back in. Hope it works!

    If all else fails I've heard you can shove a tiny piece of paper in there to help press the button.
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    this has been posted over and over since 2009.

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