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    hi. i am tring to log into my profile on a replacement phone,but i am getting "sign in failed-we were unable to sign you in" i had sprint and palm try to help,but all they had me do was lots of erase apps and data and complete wipes of the device. i am getting ev and full bars. it wont let me create a new profile either. they told me they dont know whats wrong. anyone have any ideas? thanks
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    I posted about this a week or so ago....

    "Ok got it to work.. spent 45 minutes on the phone with Verizon AND Palm conferenced in. Since I could not get out of the login Palm Profile page the Palm rep had me hit the little phone button at the bottom. Clicked on "emergency" call and then X out the "911" put in ##43574357# and was able to do a full restart and erase. Once the phone came back up I had to reset everything... And tried to log in again but it still didnt work. One more shut down and restart and BOOM ... I was able to log into my Palm Profile! Phew!!
    Just note, this Pre Plus was a refurbished bought from ebay and they never wiped the last Palm Profile clean... I think that was the problem.."

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