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    I have a Pre Plus coming in Tuesday or Wednesday. I want to be up to speed as soon as it arrives. I've been looking but I haven't found it yet. Is there a thread that explains how to upgrade to the latest available OS for the phone. Thanks in advanced.
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    The last official version is 1.4.5. That is an OTA (over the air) update. To get it all you have to do is run the Updates app (it looks like a present).
    If you want to go up to WebOS 2, you will have to doctor it. WebOS Internals has a good page about this, (WebOS 2 Upgrade).
    It depends on your needs and tech level.

    All though it isn't popular here, my Pre+ is running 1.4.5 with patches. I had it set up doing everything I needed before 2.0 came out. I believe in "don't mess with what's working".
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    Thanks for the info and quick reply. I'll play with the Pre for a day or two and decide if I want to upgrade to 2.0 or not. I'm pretty tech savvy, I've updated many WM and Android devices. I'll have to check to make sure that tutorial is still valid.
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    I got a Palm Pre Plus (UK / O2) and i upgrade it to WebOS 2.1 by using the WebOSDoctor that released for German Palm Pre Plus by Palm with no need to go with metadoctor or ...
    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    If you got an AT&T Palm Pre Plus then to upgrade to WebOS 2.1 you need to go with Metadoctor.
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    I got the AT&T Pre Plus. Seems like a fairly complicated process to hack upgrade a phone. Oh well.
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    It's a learning experience.
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    Guess I'll do a comparison and see if it's really worth the trouble. I use linux and Windows, so that part won't be an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by breNTx22 View Post
    It's a learning experience.
    Yeah, that's one way to put it!
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    Doesn't seem it would be that bad if there was a way to know if that wiki is still valid.
    Quote Originally Posted by breNTx22 View Post
    It's a learning experience.

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