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    So Im an original launch day Pre- owner and i loved the whole webOS experience the highs and the lows! what a rollercoaster ride!! There was nothing in the tech world like being a webOS fan!

    so after "the announcement" with my pre- almost toast i was forced to go Android and I got myself a Sammy Epic 4G Touch!....Ahhhh it feels nice to have a top of the line phone again!...And Im loving this phone its super fast and in app heaven lol!...Biiiggg Screen...Amazing battery life and im lovin customizing my 7 home pages with widgets!!...widgets are cool! getting used to this touchscreen keyboard too my speed is steadily building up!...notifications and multitasking kinda blows but hey im a webOS fan so thats understandable...overall a great phone...The last time i had tried Android was the Moment...(haha the Moment remember that crappy was hot for a moment lol) Android has really stepped up since then...

    so I was on twitter just now and someone posted a link to todays Engadget review of the Pre 3 on i clicked on the link and now I am stuck....I literally couldnt move when I saw the picture of the Pre 3 on there... I still have not read a word of the article... As I sit here on my trusty Epic 4G Touch all I can do is look at this picture of the Pre 3 because I really really really really really want that phone...
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    I am typing this on a pre3... And it rocks.

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