OK, I need a little help here. I got my wife a firesale Pre 2 to replace the Pre Plus she was using, that she had dropped and cracked.

It was still working when I left on a business trip, but "failed" while I was away. She did not try very hard to get it back up and running, plug it in and charge over night for example and moved her sim over to the new Pre 2 and logged into her profile.

The battery has been out of the Pre Plus since then. Is there any way to get the contents of /media/internal off the Pre Plus before the Palm servers wipe the data?

Can it be done in recovery mode using novaterm?

Do I need to go through the stopwipe procedure on the Pre 2 to log out of her profile and log back in on the Pre Plus to get the data in regular USB mode then stopwipe on the Pre Plus, log back into her profile on the Pre 2?

Any thoughts?

AT&T Pre Plus 1.4.5 Unlocked GSM Pre 2 2.1