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    Basically what I need is an organizer, but HP aren't really supporting the older Palms anymore, from what I understand. Don't want to use a Pre2 (or any others) as a phone.

    What I would like to know is this: I already have a cell phone and do not have a data plan and cannot afford one (don't need one). I have wifi at my house. Can I connect the newer (Pre or Pre2) palms to my wi-fi and browse the internet occasionally without incurring big charges? Or even the wifi at work/around town, for example.

    If I can't do this, then does anyone know where I can get support (i.e. mainly making sure that my palm OS works with Firefox or IE8 or what have you) so that I can continue to use any palm I buy for at least a few years. Single mom of three here, so my budget can't handle either the newest palms or a data plan.

    Essentially I need to get a Palm to stay organized. It would be nice if it could get on the internet, too sometimes. What do you recommend? Getting an older Palm (as long as I can get support) or getting a somewhat newer one (as long as I can get wi-fi with no extra charges)?

    Appreciate the help!
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    I just activated my Pre today & one of the setup steps is to sign into or create a Palm Profile. I was not able to do this until my phone was activated with Sprint.

    Maybe there is a workaround for that?
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    Thanks for the reply! It would be nice to find out if that is a possibility. Maybe if I bought a cracked GSM (or whatever that band is called) Pre then I wouldn't have that problem. I will check into that.
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    there are work around they are listed on this site. Search button works wonders

    by using the word bypass I pulled up about 3+ topics on this.
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

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    Been doing a lot of reading. Thanks for those posts, Major Payne. Greatly appreciated. Now I just need to get one of these here phones and try to wrap my pea brain around the instructions, lol! Excited about it.

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