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    Hi all,

    I bought the original Pre (for Sprint) shortly after it initially launched. It was my first real smart phone. Sure, I had played around with iDevices, Android phones and BlackBerries, but I never owned an actual smartphone. After owning my WebOS device for about a day, I became an evangelist for Palm and their new operating system.

    But after owning my phone for about a year, my pre minus was starting to feel a bit dated. I really wanted to get another WebOS device, but Sprint was no longer a network receiving those devices, and frankly, I get way too good of a deal on my service to even think about switching networks. So, a about a year ago, I decided to take the plunge into the world of Android and picked up the Samsung Epic.

    There was so much to love about my friendly new phone. It had a huge screen, spacious physical keyboard, and of course WiMax. And sure I love having so many choices on the app marketplace, but the android experience always left me feeling a bit empty. The multitasking was the first obvious thing that kind of sucks. Then I noticed that the email support and integration is pretty much terrible for anything other than gmail. And the notifications are nowhere near as good as they ought to be.

    Over time, other things really started to bug me. Bluetooth integration does not work great. Scrolling on web pages is really choppy. Rotating the phone causes the screen to "jump" into the new orientation instead of rotating. Contacts photos don't automatically update with Facebook updates. Things like that. Nothing huge.

    But recently, I've been having a lot more problems, so I had to send my phone in for a repair. And that actually brings me to the point of this ridiculous post. I dug out my pre and reactivated it (at least while my other phone is gone). I just have to say this:

    It is a god damn shame what HP let happen to WebOS.

    This was an operating system that had a real potential to be a competitor in the smartphone market. I understand that Palm didn't have the capital to invest anymore into it, but why did HP spend a couple billion acquiring Palm if they weren't going to invest heavily in it? It is such an elegant and well built piece of software and anyone who used it loved it and wanted it to succeed against the behemoths it was up against. But now, I feel lake both Palm and HP abandoned me and all of the other Sprint customers--who, by the way, were the first to support Palms new leap into the smartphone market.

    I would have been a WebOS customer for a very long time. It's too bad that I can't anymore.

    I've really missed a lot about this phone. I'm glad I'll get to experience it again, even if it's only for a week or two.

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    Your story is EXACTLY the same as mine, except the reason why we are each using a Pre today. I *love* WebOS, so I went ahead and got a Touchpad. I picked up a Pre off a friend for $25 to play with how it integrates with my Touchpad. The Sprint rep thought I was crazy to remove the Epic and add the Pre - kinda funny!

    Maybe Meg Whitman will save WebOS!
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    LOL, this is my story too. I had the epic also, wasn't too impressed with android. Came back to the pre. I love the size of the pre. If I wanted to carry a huge phone I would have kept my first cell phone I ever had. Long live the pre!
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    I would love to be able to stick with WebOS indefinitely. Unfortunately, after about a year with a device, I get really antsy and I need to upgrade. If HPalm had released a new WebOS device for Sprint recently, I'd really be considering it right now. As it is, being tired of Android, I'm kind of looking into Windows Phones, but again, theres only one available for Sprint and that one isn't that impressive. That seems like another well designed OS that is destined to fail. Maybe Nokia can save that brand?
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    Me too! I loved my Pre- butbeventually Gottfried of watching the Pre+ and Pre2 show up on other carriers. I made the with to Android in January but by March had switched back to webOS. Coming back made me appreciate even more how elegant this OS is (as did picking up a Touchpad). Now I'm planning to ditch Sprint altogether -- awaiting delivery of my Pre3!

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