When the pre came out i bought it, and had it w/ a service provider. sprint to be exact.

but then after some time, my mom cancelled my line. But the palm pre still worked and i used it for the alarm, browsing the web, and entertainment as i went to sleep.

I wanted to start reading some pdf files but when i tried i couldn't. So i looked it up on this forum and they said the problem was they had the latest webos version which i did too. 1.4.5 or something like that and it didn't allow them to read pdf files so they down graded to 1.4.1 w/ webosdoctor. So i tried the webosdoctor method.

Now it's asking me to sign in but i cant, and i tried to create a new profile and i cant either. So i looked up this problem i read something about doing some codes. ##786# or something like that, and i couldn't do that b/c i didn't know my msl code.

anybody knows what i can do? please i need your help.