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    My Pre has been exhibiting the erratic touchscreen behaviour described elsewhere for a few months now. I have not seen a definitive explanation for this behaviour, nor have I seen a sure-fire cure. Next month I will be 1 year into a 3 year contract with Bell Aliant, with a phone that has become unstable and often unusable. It randomly launches apps, selects and dials numbers, emails, etc... Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I got my phone at The Source, and they tell me if I send it for dianosis/repair it might take months. And from what I have read this behaviour repeats itself in phones with new screens. Pretty frustrated right now.
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    Its a common problem with the screen: my very first Pre had the same issue. Phantom screen presses on the lower portion of the screen, most around the launch bar, right? Sometimes zooming gets stuck sometimes too, like another finger is holding a spot on the screen.

    Get the phone replaced - only answer unless you can do the screen and digitizer replacement yourself.
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    Well, I installed the new screen last evening. It worked beautifully. But the airplane mode wouldn't turn off. So I did a hard reset. Now the phone won't charge or turn on, it's stuck on the "phone error" screen. From what I read online, it's done. I am obviously out of warranty, so I am stuck with a useless phone and almost 2 years of BellAliant contract to go. Good thing HP/Palm are out of the phone business as far as I am concerned.

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