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    I think I'm the only one that likes the pre-. I just picked up a pre 2 today with all intended purposes on frankenpreing. I wanted to run some test before I did it though, so I wanted to see the speed difference between them. My pre- is overclocked to 1gh, and in a side by side test opening the same app. The pre- was just as fast in some apps, a little faster in some apps, and almost as fast in others. The biggest difference was in shutting down and starting up. The pre2 was faster then the pre-, but it still took it a while to load up. I guess I'm wondering if the pre 2 is a whole lot better. I use my phone mainly just to make phone calls and to tether my laptop. I don't do too much anything else with the phone. I love the form factor of the pre-, it is just slightly smaller then the pre2. I'm thinking about just using the pre- until it physically breaks, then do the conversion. Am I stupid for doing this, should I just frankenpre now.
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    Even with overclocking, the Pre 2 will get massively better battery life.
    My Pre 2 arrived downclocked to 300 mhz, I'm not sure if that's how they all ship but mine seemed about on par with my Pre + when it arrived. When I set the Pre 2 to run at 1 gHz it was just so much faster. Try overclocking the Pre 2 and comparing battery life before you write it off.

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