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    I was putting music onto my AT&T Palm Pre Plus (1.4.5) and it went into a boot loop. So I came here and found a ton of posts about it and figured I'd have it working in no time. No such luck. Tried to doctor it but it kept rebooting at 8%. Then I tried to memboot it and according to Rod's directions in another post. I run memboot and reload the uImage and then when I try novaterm I get unhandled exceptions and can get no where. Any ideas how to get past this?

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    I needed 64 bit version of novaterm. I made it to the mkdosfs command. How long should this take?

    If I hit any key while it appears to be running (for well over 15 minutes) it fails with an exception.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    I get a "unable to get drive geometry, using default 4/16"

    Then the pre reboots over and over and novaterm fails.
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    I guess the Pre is dead. Oh well. Off to an iPhone.

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