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    well i just finally got my $50 promo code from HP earlier this week(had to open a trouble ticket w/ the butler service...took about a month w/ calls and faxing receipts and serial numbers) and then today got an email stating my $50 rebate has been processed and verified, had pretty much given up on this one considering all that was going on, but my initial trouble ticket included this issue as well, guess when the promo code went through the system may have updated.

    once all that was done i decided to switch to a replacement pre, since my day one pre(was/is my backup pre) is falling apart literally(though it still works..will post pix later) have had two other pres prior, my friend who switched to an android give me his pre due to it stop working and i couldnt doctor it, so sprint replaced it, then i accidently dropped the replacement and shattered the screen, service guy replaced no questions ask w/ a brand new one, then my incisors cracked punctured the screen(dont ask) and at that point they wanted me to go through insurance...screw that, wasnt paying a 100bux for a phone no longer on the market(sprint had stopped carrying them at this time)

    found a replacement on craigslist for 50 bux w/ car and regular charger and thats the one i just got activated....its so vanilla. even though my backup pre had been wiped due to profile being active on another device, the page wrapping stuck and the additinal launcher pages stuck as well so did the glass effect on the launcher, couldnt reinstall preware or use wosqi due to the usb port completely broken off, had to get a touchstone to charge, thank you palm for the touchstone, otherwise would probably be on and android by now cause i still have my free upgrade

    i cant wait to get this thing all patched and tweaked out....preware installing now, let the fun begin

    edit: luckily i had done a save/restore and used wifi media sync to copy of the zip files prior the phone wiping itself, now i just have to find why i put those files :/
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    Didn't want to try the pre 2 and convert it? I have my original pre, 2 plus years now and I plan on keep webOS for as long as sprint lets me.

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