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    I went into the Palm Apps catalog and was told that 2 of my installed apps had updates - Shopping Manager and something else. Shopping Manager never completed the install phase (always have this problem with Shopping Manager updates - hangs during updates) so I rebooted the phone as the app wouldn't run. When the phone came back on, it behaved as if I was defining my Palm profile for the very 1st time. Of course once all that was done, all my apps were gone and had to be reloaded from the app catalog. Preware app is gone, all Preware apps are gone, and all application data is gone. Thank goodness my contacts and calendar data were restored.

    Anyone know what causes such behavior?
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    I was going to post the same thing as my Pre 2 has had to go back to HP for a repair, it wouldn't connect to the network and kept going to phone offline mode and draining 3 batteries in 8 hours, so after rebooting/webOS doctoring a few times nothing would fix the Pre 2 so I contacted HP and they reluctantly agreed to fix it!

    So I un boxed my old cracked screen Pre put in my sim card and nothing downloaded from the catalogue I had just the stock apps, so done a doctor on it and still nothing so I now have a phone with a few apps downloaded the ones I can remember or that I use the most.

    I thought it would just download my apps automatically
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    I had a similar situation to the OP's not too long ago. Even after going to Updates, I still didn't get all my apps. I had to just try and remember which one they were and reinstall them. Thankfully, I didn't have to re-pay for thm.

    Sometimes patience is needed, too. Give it a good 24 hours to catch up with all the updating it needs to do.

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