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    I loved my Pre, but really wanted more apps...several months ago I switched to an Evo and have been pretty happy with it. I just got a Touchpad this week and now realize how much I MISS WEBOS!!!!!!!!!! I love, love, love WebOS and now I miss my Pre even. WebOS is so much more elegant & I love the multitasking. Would I be crazy to pick up a used Pre (Sprint) on eBay?
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    also grab a pre2 and put the sprint com board in it.
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    Hmmm, I wasn't aware you could do that! Do you know if there is a guide handy for it?
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    there is a giude around here, and a couple of members that will do it for you..
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    what you're describing is exactly what i did, but with a comm board in a pre plus instead of a pre 2. couldn't be happier, and the whole setup was $73. love webos.
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    look for FrankenPre+ FrankenPre2. Quite a few people have done it and I can tell you the pre2 is way better HW than the pre-, or pre+ for that matter.
    I was lucky enough to buy a Pre2 VZW and I think it's much better. It's not perfect, but what is?
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    Thanks everyone!!

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