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    Hi there,
    First time writing here, in the Pre+ Furom I have a Pixi

    I bought my Girlfriend a pre+, installed Webos 2.1 and she loves it,
    even i love it, but i'm missing some patches the i use in 1.4.5
    and i want to know if there's any way to make them work
    on her Pre+, the patches are "smiley faces in symbol box", 4x4 icons,
    AutoSpeakerPhone via procximity, Glass effect and swipe to delete,

    is there any replacment for thos or a way to make them work?

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    For smiley faces, it's built-in to 2.1. Type Orange-space
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    at least that 10x (it's a pre+ it's Orange but i understand)

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