Hopefully someone here has some experience here... I want to put my old Sprint Pre-, now with a Verizon comm board, on a prepaid plan. For a friend. I'm currently rocking my Sprint FrankenPre2 (and loving it), and I just reassembled my old Pre- using the Verizon comm board from the Pre2. I re-doctored the Pre to the Sprint 1.4.5 image, and it boots, and says "Verizon Wireless" in the top left. Looks good so far.

I'm pretty sure I could get it activated on Verizon, but I'm interested in activating it with one of the CDMA prepaid carriers - Boost Mobile, Page Plus, Virgin, Cricket, etc... Would anyone know if this is possible without too much of a headache, and which carrier would be the best way to go? Would I need to Meta-Doctor a Verizon image onto the Pre to match the comm board? I wouldn't expect this to be a huge problem, but seeing how I can't re-provision my Pre2 on Sprint w/o doing a comm board switch, it would seem that carrier provisioning is a more complicated process than I would expect... Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!