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    Yesterday koto-player stayed greyed out after launching, no big deal, I've run into the media indexing bug before. So I go through the motions with the ipk fix as usual, but this time I receive an error I haven't encountered before:

    I tried the ipk a few more times to no avail & finally decided to launch the stock music player, however it remained blank. Later on I launched the photos app, which also stayed blank. Even trying to select an alarm tone leads to an infinite reload.

    Really not sure what to do here, has anyone else encountered this or know how to fix it? =/

    p.s. running 2.1 metadoctor
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    Any suggestions short of doctoring? (I don't have the files anymore or the time to create them, nor do I have anything else to play music with in the car) =[

    I have lumberjack installed & I can post logs if I know what I'm looking for..
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    Has anyone else run into this before? It's odd that both stock & 3rd party applications are being affected. I tested a few things: the camera app is still successfully taking photos & I am able to view them through internalz photo viewer. Similarly I am able to "stream" my local music files with the stock player when opened with internals (so I've been listening to the same two 20 min long songs for a few days now). So it's definitely not a problem with the files themselves or anything. I'm seeing a lot of red & yellow in lumberjack after opening the photos app, here are the logs (in order) of the errors I feel are relevant:

    [2011-09-19 04:24:32] (mojodb-luna[1167]) user.warning: [db.bdb] bdb: transaction aborted
    [2011-09-19 04:24:32] (registered) no.: '' (-3970) - sender=' 1159' method='find' payload='{"$activity":{"activityId":649},"query":{"desc":false,"from":"","limit":80,"orderBy":"sortKey"},"watch":true}'
    [2011-09-19 04:24:32] (LunaSysMgr) user.crit: DataSource fetchData call failed: {"errorCode":-3970,"errorText":"kind not registered: ''","returnValue":false}, palmInitFramework298:14
    [2011-09-19 04:24:32] (LunaSysMgr) user.crit: EXCEPTION [CM got response from unexpected link]: Error     at Object.<anonymous> (palmInitFramework298:811:418)     at Link.<anonymous> (palmInitFramework298:851:468)     at Array.0 (native)     at [object Object].<anonymous> (palmInitFramework298:774:229)     at Object.gotResponse (native)     at Object.<anonymous> (palmInitFramework298:777:401)     at Request.complete (palmunderscoreVersion1_0:116:238)     at Request.response (palmInitFramework298:297:337)     at palmmojo_coreVersion1_0:107:244, palmInitFramework298:14

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