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    we are considering switching to AT&T from Sprint since they don't have any new webos phones. I have a Pre- and the wife has an original Pixi.

    We were considering getting a pixi and veer and possibly switching if I can get my hands on a Pre3.

    My question is: will I be more satisfied with Pixi or Veer (I know the form factor issue)? We also have 2 touchpads. Going from a Pre to Pixi+ or Veer, what would I see as a difference?

    thanks for your thoughts
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    Veer is a much better phone, better software, and better hardware.
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    Veer---- Once you go 4g you won't look back. Plus, webos 2.1 has a much faster email app and who doesn't want flash. I'm running 2.1 on a vz pre+ and it's a definite improvement over 1.4.5.

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    Veer, I never used a Pixi, but from what I understand it will be a lateral move at best from the original Pre.

    The Veer is a definite upgrade from original Pre. Only downsides of going from Pre to Veer are the exact same as going from Pre to Pixi. You do lose the usb charging port and headphone jack, but those haven't been issues for us as we have a lot of Touchstones and bluetooth.
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    Veer! Never even touched a Veer, but my Pixi Plus's processor drives me mad sometimes!

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