Hi guys,

How hard would it be to change the innards of a Pre+ into a Pre-?

I'm currently using an unlocked AT&T Pre+ that I bought used from ebay but it is starting to look the worse for wear - it has a crack up near the phone speaker (my fault - dropped onto tiled floor) and has just started to crack around the USB plug. On top of that the screen is a bit scratched up as well (the previous owner never fitted a screen protector).

I also have a mint Pre- that I owned from new (originally from Moviestar, Spain so it's Euro GSM) before getting the Pre+, it's never been used without a cover etc so is in perfect condition.

Thing is I can't go back to the Pre- for two reasons: Firstly the lack of RAM kills it when using webOS 2.1 on it (but works nicely on the Pre+) but more importantly my carrier (XT in New Zealand) uses the same 850MHz frequency as AT&T for 3G which my Euro Pre- doesn't support.

So the question is, can I swap the motherboard/comms board from the plus into the minus? Or do I need to change everything over? Is it actually worth doing this or is it mega fiddly? Should I just buy a Veer?