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    I have a palm pre phone.i getting network signal all is ok

    problem is i need apn setting when i turn on my phone

    i got this message use the email address and password you chose when you created you profile

    i put email address and password.
    i get this error Sign-in Failed
    this maybe due to laq network coverage or the phone settings on your SIM card need to be entered manually

    than i click on phone setting its needs internet apn i put my sim network apn but not works. can anybody help me please...
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    Had the exact issue with a Pixi (connection signal, but no Data indicator) even after rebooting twice. This is what a Sprint rep had me do to get a data connection..

    At the Create Profile screen, type ##786# (should be #*786 for gsm as you mentioned sim card), scroll all the way down and click the Reset button (you will need to know your 6-digit MSL code which your operator can provide you, or try 000000 as it's used for verizon).
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    1st,i met the same problem.
    2nd,delete your google accounts
    3rd,add your google accounts again,then sync
    4th,it's nothing to do with your chinese character things
    good luck!

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