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    My Sprint Pre is on it's last legs, I am either going to have to get one off ebay or try to get Sprint to get me a new one, in either case what is the best way to back things up?.
    The guy at the sprint store told me that the only thing they can transfer are the contacts, is there any way to back up all of my memos? also can I keep it going
    just via wifi? I have lots of saved articles in my NY Times app and other apps, or does the whole thing get cleaned off once Sprint turns off the service?
    any help is appreciated.
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    Some of your phone's critical data is likely being backed up already through your Palm Profile (signing into your new phone with the same Palm Profile will download your contacts, sms history, etc. No photos however (see Utility app below), but I always backup one file using WebOS Quick Install to backup/restore the PalmDatabase.db file - contains contacts, calendar, sms history and memos all in one small simple file.

    Youtube video how to backup file

    Download the Pre Backup Utility from preware (for backup of NY Times and other guarantee though) You can also try the Save/Restore app as well (as a last resort as it can cause issues).
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